About us

Why we exist


In a world of rising customer expectations, reputable brands perpetually see the need to move at the speed of technology to catch up. Therefore, KTO Digital was launched to offer unfathomable expertise across the entire customer journey, including technology, digital commerce, IT consultancy, ERP/CRM, UX/UI, data aggregation, brand production, and communication to offer end-to-end solutions that deliver trailblazing innovation.

The Right Team

KTO Digital has established itself as the best IT Advisory growth partner in Southern Africa, as well as a software technology organisation with a pool of IT experts (Business Analysts, Software & Web Developers, Solution Architects, Media Professionals, UI & UX Graphics Designers, System Analysts, Network Engineers and Security/Cybersecurity Engineers) delivering inspiration across different industries. We elevate the entire brand and customer experience by assisting our clients become the next and finest versions of themselves.


Globally, we are followed by 10,000 strong professionals in our social media channels in over 14 industries. This is what allows us to have diverse perspectives, wide-ranging intellectuality,  and highly specialised vertical capabilities to stir growth for our clients.