Case Studies - Industries

Simply Tutors Platform

Simply Tutors is a dedicated Academic Support platform that connects students with exceptionally qualified tutors. We undergo a rigorous screening process to provide academic tutors who’ll meet our standard in trying to make academic support more accessible & affordable for students, in the form of private tutoring. This allows students to engage with the work on a more thorough basis and gives them an environment that finally allows them to comfortably ask questions that they do not understand.

SimplyTutors is a web-based platform created by Excel@Uni to connect Tutors with students that need tuition in their field of study. The platform is a great social value-add that addresses basic employment needs by offering tutors monitory benefits and offering student academic support through technology. The platform is accessible to all students that are sponsored or self-funded


  • To provide students with a service that uses technology to provide students with additional support to graduate.

  • To provide a platform for tutors to easily be booked for tutoring services

  • To create a platform that connects students with exceptionally qualified tutors.

  • To provide tutees with an easy access to different to tutors.

  • Prevent asset loss and theft

CBB Online

ConsultingByBongi Online is a dedicated private skills development and training provider that connects students with exceptionally qualified facilitators. They undergo a rigorous screening process to provide academic facilitators who’ll meet our standard in trying to make academic support more accessible for students, in the form of facilitation.

This allows students to engage with facilitators on a more thorough basis platform and gives them a flexible environment that finally allows them to conduct their training digitally.


  • To provide Students, facilitators, Moderator and Assessor with an online service that uses technology

  • To provide students with an easy access to engage with theirFacilitator.

  •  To provide students with additional support if they cannot access training centres

  • To provide students with access to facilitation anytime.

  • To create a platform that connects students with exceptionally qualified facilitators.

Illovo Employee Engagement System

KT Opportunities has developed this product for Ubombo Sugar Limited. This platform aims to ensure effective communication with employees, with the view to improving employee engagement. The company has a high employee complement with over 2000 employees; of which a majority do not have access to other communication platforms such as email and this mobile employee engagement platform will allow effective flow of information between the Company employees and management.

Ubombo Sugar Limited is part of the Illovo Sugar Africa Group, a leading producer of sugar and downstream products in Africa. Illovo owns 60% shares at Ubombo Sugar while Tibiyo TakaNgwane owns 40%. As Africa’s biggest sugar producer, Illovo has extensive agribusiness operations in six African countries, manufacturing sugar and downstream products from cane supplied by our own agricultural operations and independent local growers.

IT Asset Management

A tracking system is a precise and inexpensive IT Asset Management solution that audits, tracks, and monitors IT assets across the business units within the organization.

We provide information that’s rich, accurate, live, and accessible. We aim to bring together the complex requirements surrounding the data management of IT assets and financial management in one central platform.

We work within the current environment and constraints of our customers to provide them with a solution that assists in solving their IT asset management objectives.

Our platform focuses primarily on the tracking component of IT assets. Additionally, we can also collect and manage information from one or more sources (contract, third party information, data reconciliation, and notification services) and distribute it to those who have a stake in or a right to that information.


  • Track location of devices

  • Solution

  • Real-time updates

  • Centralised information

  • Cloud based

  • Prevent asset loss and theft

J Cred

J-Cred is a solution developed by KT Opportunities to help organizations make informed decisions driven by digital access to data and aiding in business risk management. The solution is a data aggregation platform that is applicable to multiple business units such as; procurement, HR, finance, forensic auditing, governance and compliance.

This is a solution built to be the answer to why we exist and how we offer a solution, in addition what makes J-Cred different from our competitors is that it adds value to organizations through its simplicity and cost effectiveness, allowing businesses to pay per click, meaning you pay only for what you use, no bound to contracts, immediate and accurate data provision. It easily integrates to multiple data owners, allowing for a centralized solution.Developed with the latest web technology, allowing you access from anywhere in the world, secured and seamlessly.

Observer Mobile

Eswatini Observer Mobile App is published as a National daily newspaper, seven days a week, for distribution within the Kingdom of Eswatini and globally. Eswatini Observer Group of Newspapers comprises Eswatini Observer, which is the daily edition, Saturday Observer, which is the Saturday Edition, and Sunday Observer, which is the Sunday edition.

It aims to be the definitive news media, providing quality service by capturing the dynamics of Swaziland, reflecting the reality of Eswatini, and seeking circulation and advertising growth while upholding the social and cultural values of the Swazi Nation.

Vehicle tracking and FleetManagement solution

Many industries and businesses depend on commercial vehicles to transport products and people every day, from cross-country delivery services to oil and gas suppliers. These commercial fleets can be a business’ most expensive asset and one of its most critical ones. That’s why many entities use a professional fleet management solution to protect their investment.
Fleet management solutions typically include processes, systems, and tools that work together to control the lifecycle of business vehicles. Additionally, they may consist of security features and ways to cut unnecessary costs. It’s an incredibly competitive market, leading to the continual technical evolution of fleet management software and solutions.
Your vehicle is an asset and a venture capital. Whether you’re a private individual or a business owner, you need to protect that asset.

Benefits of the solution

  • Advanced tools to     manage drivers & vehicles effectively

  • Sophisticated and     flexible

  • The checking of the     job card and invoice accuracy before settling payment with the workshop

  • The provision of a     single VAT invoice every month for the whole fleet

  • Drivers don’t carry the costs of service payments

  • Live tracking gives     regular position updates via online portal

  • Location management     with live & historical tracking

  • Enhanced automated     reporting service with reports

  • Exception reporting     which highlights any vehicle or driver that exceeds your policy parameters

  • Monthly fleet reports     assisting with effective cost Centre management of your fleet

  • 24/7 control room for     queries and online support

  • Allocated client     support contact

  • Inspecting job card     parameters before approving maintenance work

  • Enhanced driver behavior monitoring

  • Management reports     which track and analyze fixed and variable costs on each vehicle


KTO CRM is self hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, KTO CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.

CRMs need to focus on customers and KTO CRM does that with a powerful support system that helps you track and resolve issues quickly via the integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Assign reminders to yourself, one or many staff members and with one click, reminders can be sent to email and in-app notification system. These features and more can take customer satisfaction to the next level.
KTO CRM has many features designed to fit many applications. Read more about the features below and try the demo to see how KTO CRM can help you succeed.

Managing customers is important and KTO CRM helps in several ways:

  • Manage and invoice projects with the powerful Project Management Feature.

  • Link tasks to many KTO CRM feature and stay organized.

  • Build professional, great-looking estimates and invoices.

  • Powerful support system with the ability to auto-import tickets.

  • Track time spent on tasks and bill your customers. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track timer per assigned staff.

  • Use the Contracts feature to lock in current and future sales.

  • Custom fields can store extra information for customers, leads, and more.

  • Separated media folder for non-admin staff members to work inside the CRM and organize their uploads and files.

  • Add task followers even if the staff is not project members. The staff member will be able to track the task progress without accessing the project.

  • Keep track of leads in one place and easily follow their progress. Ability to auto import leads from email, add notes, and create proposals. Organize your leads in stages and change stages easily with drag and drop.

  • Create good-looking proposals for leads or customers and increase sales.

  • Exception reporting     which highlights any vehicle or driver that exceeds your policy parameters

  • Monthly fleet reports     assisting with effective cost Centre management of your fleet

  • Great looking calendar for each staff member based on staff permissions.

  • Records your company/project expenses and have the ability to bill your customers and auto convert to invoice.

  • Know more about your customers with powerful CRM.

  • Increase customer retention via built-in Surveys.

  • Use the Goals Tracking feature to keep sales goals in mind.

  • Create announcements for your staff members and customers.

  • Receive payments from Paypal and Stripe in different currencies.

  • Tons of configurable options.

  • Style the CRM to your company branding with the powerful theme styling feature.

  • Follow-ups, reports, notes, files, and many more features.